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How many times do we, as writers, read about procrastination?  While writing is in our heart and our mind, we can always find something that stops us hitting that first key.  Maybe the ironing must be done, maybe you need to speak to someone who has been waiting for that promised return call for some time and maybe you have to check all of those emails, as well as Facebook, Twitter and ‘must do’s before you begin to do what you really do want to do.  Write.

Call it ‘me as a writer’ time. It’s the time you should dedicate to yourself, whilst forsaking all others.

And I think we have the very place for you.

We are also happy to open our home to the individual adult student, who really does need to escape everything, in order to buckle down to a mindset of passing that life-changing degree or diploma, as well as families who may wish to use our home as a central point for for a long holiday.

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Lugo is as far away from tourist Spain as you can get and it is here that my husband and I wish to offer the peace and solitude that a writer often needs when trying to buckle down to the task in hand.  In the Ribeira Sacra wine region of Lugo, our home in the non-tourist north-west area of Spain is here for you to escape the world for the time you desire.  Whilst you do have your own space, you also have access to our living room, the kitchen, the garden and fishpond, the balcony, the sun beds, us and whatever else makes your stay a good one.

We offer:-

  • A bedroom with en-suite bathroom and also a balcony which looks over the valley and river (birds of prey can sometimes be seen flying overhead). This bedroom has two single beds but one has been converted into a settee for lounging.
  • Absolute quiet but for the bread man pipping the horn to announce his arrival into the village on a Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Excellent temperatures from May to November and maybe even December, then a real winter (without snow but with plenty of rain) for the rest of the year.
  • Unlimited wi-fi
  • Free calls to both land lines and mobiles anywhere in Europe, via my Skype telephone contract
  • A dedicated landline, for receiving calls from England, should they so wish this contact in their moment of quiet
  • A beautiful English garden, with places to sit and a two-tier fishpond.
  • Walks through the woods in the valley and a walk to the river
  • A laptop and printer, A4 paper, spare keyboard and mouse, if necessary
  • A mini hi-fi system
  • A Bluetooth speaker
  • Company, if he/she wants a ‘moment out’ but this will never be instigated by us!


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Pond 1 Pond 2


What we don’t have in the valley, or on our premises, are:-

  • Any shopping facilities, or bars – we are simply three villages close together, with an overall population of nine, including us. All other residents are Spanish.  Should the person staying wish to savour the world outside this calm, we are happy to take them there
  • Swimming pool – one can be found some eighteen miles away
  • A television in the bedroom – should feedback suggest we should have one, we would supply this for future visitors.

Also note that we are retired professional people, my husband a fire fighter and me a civil servant, sign language communicator and (still) a person-centred counsellor, who now enjoys occasional writing, as well as editing and proofreading.

We will cater for our writer’s needs and, before coming to stay with us, a ‘plan of action’ will be discussed (e.g. diet, buckling down hours (early or late riser)), so as to best match that person’s expectations in his/her week or so of buckling down.

There may be occasions when the writer may wish to share our home with another writer.  As we have two bedrooms, this will mean the writers becoming self-catering in our home and plans can also be worked out for this request.

Our two closest airports are Santiago de Compostela in Galicia and Porto (also spelt ‘Oporto’) in Portugal, both with a journey of just over two hours to our home.  Vigo and A Coruna (also spelt simply ‘Coruna’) are two other smaller airports which can come into the equation! We will provide a collection service from whichever airport proves the best for you.

When you leave, we want to feel proud that you enjoyed your stay and achieved your aim.  Maybe you will come back again and, hopefully, you will recommend us to others, who wish to escape the busyness of everyday life and a have a brief encounter with peace and quiet.

In order to fully understand our home and this area of North-West Spain, please pop across to my blog www.myhouseinspain.wordpress.com, where, should you wish, you will be able to familiarise yourself with what is here for the individual who wishes to escape the world for a short time.

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